Shenzhen Warehouse

Service Introduction

1. Thousands of packages of cloud warehouse management concept, the establishment of Shenzhen warehouse consignment, so that customers anytime and anywhere real-time management of inventory, sellers can focus on the development and innovation of core business, without the need for warehouse management.
2. The lowest operating cost is the best service for the buyer. Cloud warehouse provides warehousing services, warehousing systems, and logistics services for large, medium and small sellers, which saves enterprise operating costs. Support the warehouse with different consideration and the warehouse in different regions to make the delivery more flexible.
3. Advanced software and warehouse management solutions can be put forward for the company. 4. The self-developed powerful WMS management system can realize the real-time synchronization of inventory and order status, greatly reduce the buyer's return and exchange rate, express disputes and other issues, so as to maximize the buyer's shopping experience.
7. Using scientific picking tools, scanning gun, electronic tag, PDA, electronic picking car and enterprise high-speed printer, the efficiency of sorting operation such as picking, packaging and printing is improved.
5. Through the warehouse software connected to the online sales platform, the platform pull order is more convenient and easier.
6. Through the real-time monitoring of warehouse inventory points, equipped with security equipment such as anti-theft door, anti-theft window, alarm, etc., the safety of goods can be guaranteed.