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Service Introduction

FBA American special line standard line (Live), transportation Code: mpusfbazim. It is an independent research and development channel of thousands of packages, specially tailored for Amazon sellers, and a direct delivery FBA warehouse service for products sold to the United States. In the first journey, it will be transported to Los Angeles or New York by satellite. Combined with the advantages of local customs clearance and the perfect delivery system of UPS, a service product with fast time, low price and excellent service is generated

Product overview

Product name

FBA American special line (Live)

Transport code


Type of goods

Parcels (more than one ticket, no more than 120 pieces per ticket)

Reference prescription

FBA American special line standard line (Live): 8-10 working days

Weight limit of single package

If the actual weight of a single package is less than or equal to 22kg, RMB 180 / piece overweight fee will be charged

Single package size

The longest side < 121cm; the secondary side < 76cm; length + 2 * (width + height) < 330cm

Billing mode

Take 1kg as the unit to carry forward; billing weight: the actual weight of the whole ticket is larger than the volume weight of the whole ticket (the calculation method of volume weight is: length * width * height cm / 6000 = kg)

Serving the country

Amazon warehouse address in the United States. It does not include remote areas such as Alaska and Hawaii, and foreign addresses such as Puerto Rico and Guam; apo / FPO military address.

Weight limit

The minimum standard for a single cargo is 10kg, that is, the weight of the whole cargo must be 10kg or more. If it is less than 10kg, the charging weight shall be calculated as 10kg

Declaration requirements

The name and declared value of the goods should be reported truthfully

Return service

This channel does not support services returned from the United States to Hong Kong. Within 15 days after the goods are returned to the overseas warehouse, the customer can choose to resend the goods. The re dispatch fee is the same as that of the first time

Blocking service

If the goods are in our company and in transit to UPS, our company can provide interception service. The interception service fee has actually been charged, and there is no guarantee that the interception can be successful.

Service advantages

Compensation standard

Query time limit:
The application must be submitted within 30 days after the delivery of thousands of packages, and will not be accepted after 30 days.
Claim criteria:
Customers should follow the principle of "inquiry first and claim later". After our company confirms to accept the claim, they can get compensation according to the following standards:
01 before going online: return the lost part of the freight, and compensate the lost part according to the declared value, up to 9 times of the lost part.
02 after online: no refund of freight. The service provider will recover the lost parts after delivery. After confirmation, the lost parts will be compensated according to the declared value, and the maximum amount of each ticket shall not exceed 100 USD.
Claim information request 01 package lost in the transit process of our company, if it is confirmed by our company, the compensation shall be made according to the compensation standard
If the customs clearance of the goods is affected by the customer's concealment, underreporting, counterfeiting infringement, or related certificates, the customer shall bear the relevant expenses and liabilities, and our company shall not bear any responsibility.
02 the situation that the track is not updated after the service provider extracts it: the customer needs to provide the information for inquiry; in addition, it also needs to provide the Amazon platform's certificate of less goods on the shelf.

Customer order process

The customer logs in with the account password and enters the account center. Click to enter the FBA page, as shown in the figure below. If there is no account number, please contact our relevant business personnel.
01 create SKU
Customers log in to the FBA customs clearance system to establish commodity information, fill in commodity declaration information, and do well in product filing (our customs affairs department will review the customer's product information, which can be delivered after passing the audit)
02 create order Click "new order" to enter the order creation interface, select FBA American special line standard line (live line) according to customer demand and product characteristics, and input relevant information to complete the order creation 03 print cargo label
After the goods are ready, contact the collection department or send them to our logistics center. If there is no contact information, you can contact the relevant business manager for arrangement.
Click the "order management" on the left side, click "forecast", select the order just created, and then click the "print button" at the back to print the goods label and paste the label on the longest side of the goods.
Handover list requirements: customers to fill in customer code, delivery date, product name, type of goods, number of bags, whether charged, number of tickets, number of boxes, weight, etc.

Delivery process

Special note: cut off six to three, the guest must complete the delivery and charge deduction before 18:00 every Saturday.
Property of delivery

01 US FBA Haipai Zim (can be charged), can accept live goods, including built-in batteries, supporting batteries; do not accept pure electricity.
02 this channel service is only limited to 48 states of the United States. It does not receive email box, military address, (zip code: 006-009 purerto Rico and virgin lslands, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, 966-969 Hawaiian and Guam Hawaii, Guam 995-999 Alaska, Alaska, etc! )
03 brand infringement products 1. The authorization letter must be provided for the products and marks registered and authorized by associations and organizations
3. The intellectual property rights of China Customs have been recorded (the Chinese customs has the registered brand inquiry address: )(for example, Huawei mobile phones have been put on record in China Customs, but not in the United States and can be shipped.)
2. The design, brand and infringing products with international cartoon character patterns shall not be accepted; (e.g. Bluetooth, HDMI, lamps with cerr, etc.) 04 aviation safety prohibited or restricted articles Articles prohibited by Chinese laws, postal regulations and customs regulations
06 articles prohibited by laws and regulations of the country of destination

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