Service Introduction

DHL Express (HK) is a product launched by the cooperation of hundreds of packages logistics and DHL, which is sold to the world, with fast time and low price. Upload the order and return the tracking order number after the goods arrive at our company for operation, and you can view the whole tracking track on DHL official website.

Product overview

Product name

DHL Express (HK)

Transport code


Type of goods

Package, one or more

Country of shipment

Global, please refer to the partition table in the quotation sheet for details

Reference prescription

4-6 working days

Billing mode

The volume calculation method is as follows: length × width × height / 5000, the volume weight is not calculated if it can be put into DHL bag, and the volume weight is calculated if the weight of single ticket is less than 19.5kg (including 19.5kg), 0.5kg is charged for less than 0.5kg, and 1kg is charged for more than 20kg.

Property of delivery

Ordinary goods, live (battery voltage not more than 9V, power not more than 100W). We do not accept pure battery or supporting battery goods, only accept the goods with built-in battery, and do not accept any brand of mobile phone.

PO box addresses are not accepted.

Pure battery, mobile power supply and contraband are not allowed in this channel. If the goods are found after inspection, the minimum fine will be RMB 1000 / ticket, and the ceiling will not be capped. American road does not accept any brand products.

Weight size limit

If the single side is over 300cm, the single charging weight is over 300kg, the single bill is over 1000kg, and the single ticket is over 99 pieces, DHL will reject it!

If the unilateral length of a single piece exceeds 120cm (including 120cm) or the actual weight or volume weight of a single piece exceeds 70kg (including 70kg), the extra length and overweight fee of RMB 810 / ticket (additional fuel surcharge is required), and the extra length and overweight fee shall be charged on a piece by piece basis. If there are more than one piece of one ticket, and there are several pieces of over length and overweight, multiple RMB 810 will be charged. (if DHL will charge our company the extra length and overweight fee after the shipment is exported, our company will charge the consignor this fee)

Special requirements

Angola: each ticket can not exceed 250kg; Nigeria: single ticket and single piece can not exceed 70kg and textiles are not accepted;

Tunisia: single ticket cannot exceed 40kg, single piece cannot exceed 30kg; otherwise, it will be returned;

Morocco: no more than 70kg for single piece and 1000kg for single ticket;

Indonesia: if the receiving party has no import license, customs code or tax number, it is only allowed to send goods less than 100kg;

Bangladesh, Australia, Saudi Arabia: the goods must have the origin information, such as: made in China, otherwise it will be returned.

Holland: no wigs are allowed

Algeria: when placing an order, if there is a recipient's company name, you need to fill in the complete company name. If there is no recipient's company name, don't add "CO" after the company name in the company name column to avoid customs clearance problems. (the weight of goods cannot exceed 40kg)

a surcharge

High risk area surcharge: 238rmb / ticket + fuel surcharge (applicable to documents and packages, both high-risk and restricted destinations, charged at 238rmb / ticket + fuel surcharge + 333rmb / ticket).

The countries that need to charge this fee include: Afghanistan, Libya, Mali and Niger (if DHL collects this fee from our company after the shipment is exported, our company will charge the shipper this fee)

Destination surcharge: 333rmb / ticket (for documents and packages, both high risk and restricted destination, 238rmb / ticket + fuel surcharge + 333rmb / ticket).

The countries that need to charge this fee include: Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrean, Libya, Somalia and Sudan (if DHL collects this charge from our company after the goods are exported, our company will charge the shipper this fee)

Please refer to the quotation sheet for details

Tariff related

The customs tax law of each country is different; if the recipient refuses to pay the tariff, it will be borne by the sender.

Service advantages

Compensation standard

Query time limit:
The application must be submitted within 30 days after the delivery of thousands of packages, and will not be accepted after 30 days.
Claim criteria:
Customers should follow the principle of "inquiry first and claim later". After our company confirms to accept the claim, they can get compensation according to the following standards:
① Before surfing the Internet: return the lost part of the freight, and compensate for the lost part according to the declared value, with a maximum of 100 USD / ticket.
② After accessing the Internet: the service provider will not refund the freight if it is lost after picking up the transshipment. After confirmation, the lost parts will be compensated according to the declared value, and the maximum amount of each ticket shall not exceed 100 USD.
Fragile, wet and other items that need special packaging or special treatment shall be packed by the sender and labeled with fragile label. Otherwise, our company will not be responsible for the damage. Our company will not be responsible for the joint and several losses caused by the loss of goods. Please purchase insurance for high value goods.

Claim for claim

1. If the package is lost in the transit process of our company, if it is confirmed to be lost by our company, the compensation shall be made according to the compensation standard;
2. After withdrawal by the service provider:
① If the track is not updated, the customer needs to provide information for inquiry; if it is sent to Amazon warehouse, it is required to provide the certificate of insufficient goods on the Amazon platform;
② For some missing pieces, damaged goods, or the official website shows the receipt but the recipient's feedback is not received, the recipient shall record the feedback to DHL at the destination, and provide the record number of DHL to our company for investigation.

Exemption clause

① When the package is opened for inspection by the customs, it may cause delay in delivery, loss of package, loss or damage of all or part of the contents in the package, or even be seized or destroyed by the customs due to violation of customs clearance regulations. Our company will not be liable for compensation for the losses arising therefrom;
② If the prohibited or restricted articles are seized or destroyed by the customs, our company will not be liable for compensation;
③ For the package loss not caused by our company, our company will assist the customer to make a claim to the corresponding responsible party and give back the claim situation. However, the progress and result of the claim are not within our control. Our company will not be responsible for the possible processing delay or failure of the claim.

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