British express

Service Introduction

British express logistics service is a famous British express delivery company, which delivers more than 300000 packages every day. Package tracking information update quickly, can be delivered to 95% of families. Our package can arrive in the United Kingdom 48 hours after receiving and sending. The British express uses the forecast customs clearance method to deliver the goods. The package information is sent to the UK for customs clearance before the goods are sent. After the goods arrive in the UK, they can be cleared and delivered immediately, greatly optimizing the speed of parcel customs clearance. It is suitable for transporting goods with high value and high timeliness requirements, and does not need to charge remote surcharges.

Product overview

Product name

British special line

Product code


Type of goods

Package (one for each ticket)

Reference prescription

4-8 working days

Package weight limit


Shipment size

When l is less than or equal to 60cm below 3kg, the volume is not more than 0.0315m3, and the length + width is not more than 80cm; when l is less than or equal to 120cm, the volume is not more than 0.23m3, and the length + width is not more than 170cm.

Billing weight

The calculation formula of volume: length (CM) × width (CM) × height (CM) / 6000;

Shipping instructions

This channel does not accept any brand products (subject to the Customs Intellectual Property Protection online record, website: );

This channel requires 100% declaration of invoice and actual goods;

This channel is available for postal service throughout the United Kingdom (the mainland and its affiliated Islands), and overseas territories and affiliated islands are not provided with delivery service; the remote British Postal code and surcharge BT start at RMB 15 / ticket; Channel Islands Channel Islands Gy, JE are not available for postal service;

Prohibited articles (including but not limited to): dangerous goods, chemicals, weapons, knives, pure electricity, liquid, powder, fresh, tobacco, medicine, food, counterfeit or infringing articles; goods with built-in batteries are acceptable, but pure battery goods (including mobile phone batteries, notebook batteries, camera batteries, back clip batteries, rechargeable batteries, mobile power supplies, etc.) are acceptable

Declaration requirements

In order to ensure fast customs clearance, this service only accepts DDP, and the UK line does not accept goods with declared value > 135gbp. The starting point of British tariff is as follows: the declared value is greater than 17.6usd, VAT = (declared value + duty) x 25%; when the declared value of a single bill or the cumulative declared value of the same recipient stored in the same day is less than or equal to 135gbp, VAT = declared value x 25%;

Return reassignment service

This channel provides secondary delivery service, but does not provide return service from the UK to Hong Kong.

① If the package is returned to the overseas warehouse, it can be repatriated to the UK at a cost of 50 RMB per ticket;

② The re dispatch period is two weeks, i.e. within two weeks after notifying the customer that the package is returned, the customer can choose to resend the package. If there is no reply, after more than two weeks, the package will be destroyed by default, and the destruction charge is RMB 100 / piece.

This channel cannot send FBA warehouse address and military address.


Service advantages

Compensation standard

Query time limit:
The application must be submitted within 30 days after the delivery of thousands of packages, and will not be accepted after 30 days.
Claim criteria:
Customers should follow the principle of "inquiry first and claim later". After our company confirms to accept the claim, they can get compensation according to the following standards:
01; if the goods are lost during the period from our company to the service provider, we will refund the freight (full freight, including registration fee) after confirming the loss of the goods; in addition, compensation will be made according to the declared value, up to 200 RMB / ticket.
02. If the goods are lost after arriving at the service provider, we will not refund the freight (full freight, including registration fee) and compensate according to the declared value, and the maximum amount is 200rmb / ticket. Claim information requirements:
02; the package is lost in the transit process of our company, that is, the terminal service provider has not picked it up, so there is no need to provide proof
01; if the service provider confirms that it is lost, it needs to provide ① Online refund screenshot of the platform
② If the goods are reissued without refund, the online transaction screenshot + dispute content + reissue order number shall be submitted

Operation process

Operation process: 01 the British express line will go through the process of filing and auditing. All products that want to go to the British express line need to go to the customs clearance system to record SKUs. After the filing, customs colleagues will review the SKU Requirements: the declaration must be consistent with the physical object, otherwise the package will be fastened and returned. If the customer declaration is inconsistent with the physical object, our company will not be responsible for any customs clearance problems. 02 log in the order system of thousands of packages and forecast on the Internet; 03 print the label and stick it on the package. Fill in or print the handover list; 04 inform the driver to pick up the goods, or the customer sends the goods to the qianbaibao logistics center spontaneously; Operation specification 01 packing requirements: the corresponding logistics product, customer code and bag number shall be marked on the outer bag; 02 handover list requirements: customer fill in customer code, delivery date, product name, type of goods, number of bags, number of tickets, weight.

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