Cod collection service project in Thailand

Thailand cod collection service project is a good helper for sellers to develop Thailand market; Shipment to Thailand, customer rejected the goods? Is it difficult to return goods? Small problems lead to returns? No customer service complained? Cod can solve the above problems and improve the rate of receipt.

Quick refund Payment T + 1 refund, sign in can apply for settlement of payment, goods in and out to make your capital turnover faster.
Prior signature Before the receiving customers sign in, they can check the goods first and then sign for the goods, so that the customers can shop at ease and improve the customer experience.
Support multiple payment methods Provide POS card, check and other services for receiving customers to make payment more convenient and fast.
Low service rate The service rate of collecting payment for goods is 5% of the total amount of payment to be collected. The payment T + 1 refund can be applied for settlement of payment after signing. The delivery and receipt of goods can make your capital turnover faster.
Service process: the Seller prepares the goods to the Thailand logistics center of qianbaibao, and the order is generated. The delivery is confirmed by the Thailand customer service hotline of qianbaibao and the payment is collected from the buyer. The payment will be transferred to the seller's designated account within 24 hours after signing.